30 Lip 2017

President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Nursultan Nazarbayev

Mister President!
Recently, at the Fifth World Congress of Kazakhs, you said:
"For every Kazakh the door to the motherland is open. We do not put any restrictions"
And I, a citizen of Poland, an ethnic Kazakh woman, decided to return to Kazakhstan, to my homeland to live here permanently.
Due to the fact that my mother died, I came to Kazakhstan to say goodbye to her, using the visa-free entry to Expo 2017. Last time I saw my mother in 2005, 12 years ago, and her voice was heard on the phone for the last time. In 2008. It is hurts that for all these years I have not seen or heard my mom because she was the most precious and holy person.
You have said at the Convention: "Wherever the Kazakhs live, they have only one historic homeland - it is Kazakhstan. We only have one homeland and this is a great country."
My parents were Kazakhs: my father - Nauruzbaev Mirza, died in 1977, his mother - Nauruzbayeva Amankul, died on July 11, 2017. My father risked his life for Kazakhstan, taking part in the "Alash" movement.
Remembering your words: "On the border there should be no difficulties nor problems with documents after people return home," I asked the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan and the Migration Service in Almaty to give me the "permanent residence" status in Kazakhstan and take decision as soon as possible due to my limited stay allowance which will be finished on August 12, 2017.
Because at the moment I am in the city of Almaty, I asked for the right of permanent residence here in Kazakhstan.
I am the president of Kazakhstan's Opposition abroad. Since 2002, I am the president of the „Wspolnota Kazachska” Association which is a Polish non-governmental non-profit acting in the field of human rights and civil liberties.
Here in my homeland I would like to help with my knowledge and experience.
I ask you for a meeting to present my case and I hope that your words: "For all those who want to return to the homeland of Kazakhstan will always be open (…)" will find confirmation in real life and I will have the rights to live in Kazakhstan.
Balli Marzec
tel +48 605 039 973
tel. +7 777 394 87 18

Balli Marzec